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Morehead, KY

The Morehead/Rowan County area is home to 21,000 friendly residents. This thriving and progressive community is located within the Daniel Boone National Forest – about 65 miles east of Lexington, KY, and west of Huntington, WV.

Morehead promotes a diverse economy with education, medicine, tourism, and industry. Cave Run Lake, spanning 8,300 acres, draws visitors from several states promoting a large tourism industry.

A regional university and a state vocational education institution offer a large trainable work force. St. Claire Regional Medical Center, now through its third expansion, offers a broad range of medical care including magnetic resonance imaging and cardiac catheterization.

Morehead also offers a high degree of professional activities and entertainment.

The local wood production has made Rowan County first in the state forth in the nation in hardwood production. Business and industrial development are both sought and welcomed here. Several manufacturing firms are successfully sited, and the development of a regional industrial part is a positive indicator for future growth.

With these amenities, Morehead is a great place to live.